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Q Is Scandia Moss alive?

AThe reindeer moss, which is the material of Scandia Moss, lives only on the surface of its native land.
After harvesting, it does not function as a plant, it is dried and crumbles.
Scandia Moss is not a living plant that grows and is permanently processed to absorb moisture in the air to maintain its shape.

Q How should maintenance be done?

AScandiamoss requires almost no maintenance.
Please avoid direct water or rain and do not touch it.
If you are concerned about dirt after a long period of time, simply remove the dust with a spray duster.

Q Do all products made from reindeer moss have the same air purification function as Scandia Moss?

AThe collected reindeer moss has no air purification function since it is processed after drying.
The special air purification function of Scandia Mossman was born with original technology and the result
of the experiment of the Japanese laboratory has been recognized as the best technology by eliminating harmful substances more than twice as much as the general air purifier
and in fact it is exported to the European country of origin.
That is how We Scandia Moss are so loved as an air purification product.

Q Is the resilience of all products processed with reindeer moss the same as Scandia Moss?

AThere are differences in the technique of maintaining resilience and originality. Depending on the technology,
the absorbing and restoring the humidity differs. By the unique technology of Scandia,
Scandia Moss is made as semi-permanent product in progress of the moss continuous powerful dehumidification and drying repeatedly.
All of Scandia Moss product shows the appearance of beautiful reindeer moss as any situation and even time passes go by.

Q Does the color change?

AColors could be discolored depending on the degree of reaction to humidity and the degree of use of chemical materials.
However, the colors of Scandia Moss made of natural materials, and the moss is strong against humidity itself.
So colors would be discolored not easily, rather the color becomes more vibrant over time.

Q Why does the color of Scandia Moss differ from the color of the root part and the top part?

AScandia Moss pursues the natural color of nature.
The colors of Scandia Moss are made up of colors with high saturation and low color, suitable for artistic creation.
Chemical treatment is inevitable in order to keep the color saturation and brightness constant.
However, Scandia Moss uses only 100% natural materials to create natural colors, so there may be differences in color between the top and bottom of the moss.
The dark color on the top is produced by photosynthesis in the native habitat and disappears when exposed to moisture for a long time in a room without direct sunlight.