당신의 소중한 삶을 위해 청정 숲의 자연과 만나는 생활공간...
Between the Living Space and the Nature of Clean Forest for Your Valuable Life...
그곳에 스칸디아모스가 있습니다.
SCANDIAMOSS is with you.

LOHAS scandia policy, scandia responsible act

Ethical Management

  • True Happy management
  • Global business mind

Healthy Consumer

  • Pursuit the continuous consumption value
  • Without harming environment develop and
    create green consumption culture
  • Create Future oriented urban consumption culture
scandimoss teraria

Scandia makes full responsibility on LOHAS(Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) policy,

and keep trying to improve innovative tech develop for next generation

making Green Life environment and moral management.

Propose Innovative product

  • First mover in eco-friendly product
  • Propose human and environmental product
  • First mover in Innovative product

Green Forest

  • Saving energy with semi-permanent product
  • Protect environment thru a moss collection system
  • For next generation, protect green enviroment