당신의 소중한 삶을 위해 청정 숲의 자연과 만나는 생활공간...
Between the Living Space and the Nature of Clean Forest for Your Valuable Life...
그곳에 스칸디아모스가 있습니다.
SCANDIAMOSS is with you.



Scandiamoss SM Panel can absorb the toxins from air, promoting our Health. That makes good for having Scandiamoss in Kids Room & living Areas.

Scandiamoss is suitable for restrooms and kitchens where emit unpleasant odors. The implementation of Scandiamoss in modern resting facilities provides beneficent properties of Nature by decreasing stress caused by air pollution.

The calm, soothing and quiet atmosphere of Green field can be experienced through Scandiamoss.


Scandiamoss performs well in lowering decibel levels of an interior environment and it can calms the atmosphere for a relaxing experience.

How about imagining listening to the music in your living room that is made with Scandiamoss? It will be listening music middle of forest.

If you are with Scandiamoss, you can decrease stress from noise pollution.


Scandiamoss is Ignition-Proof and excels in Fire Safety.

Fire Safe & Ignition Proof, our Scandiamoss can be installed near light fixtures without fire safety concerns.

You do not worry about KIDS around Scandiamoss.