당신의 소중한 삶을 위해 청정 숲의 자연과 만나는 생활공간...
Between the Living Space and the Nature of Clean Forest for Your Valuable Life...
그곳에 스칸디아모스가 있습니다.
SCANDIAMOSS is with you.

About Scandiamoss


Scandiamoss is born for not just best product that doesn’t be needed,
it’s just what people needed for enjoyable life with nature.


Scandiamoss Brand has been dedicated to creating unique living spaces as a corner of Green and promoting Future & Natural Interior.
Scandiamoss is a Moss Brand Processed with our best Eco-Friendly Technology by SCANDIA CO. LTD
in order to bring a Natural moss from the Northern Arctic area with clean air and water into our Indoor Life.

Creative Technology

Scandia Green lab aims for human environmental revolutionary skill development, and innovative technique,
keeping redesigning Scandiamoss for increase indoor environment and life quality.


For the nature growing environment cycle, Scandia only upholds for a moss collection system
at nature through human hands, developing semi-permanent product to save energy, and water, not by moss cultivating system.